Advice on matters of company law

The company provides full advice on matters of company law, and in particular:

  •  formation of companies and entities and study of the articles of association
  • opening of branches of foreign companies in Italy;
  •  contracts, agreements between shareholders and drafting of shareholders’ agreements;
  •  assistance with the transfer of shares, quotas and business units;
  • restructuring of groups and reorganisation of family business ownership;
  •  extraordinary transactions such as transformations, de-mergers, mergers and distress situations;
  •  assistance in business plan preparation;
  • assistance in budget and cash flow preparation;
  •  assistance in planning and implementing extraordinary company transactions (restructuring, mergers, de-mergers, contributions, acquisitions of companies and business units, transformations, dissolutions and liquidations of companies);
  •  assistance in the preparation of articles of association, company secretarial services, keeping of company books, company formalities with the competent authorities, substitute service, etc.


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