We are a tax, company law and accounting services provider

Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti has thirty years of experience in assisting international clients interested in investing in Italy (inbound operations) and Italian clients interested in investing abroad (outbound operations).

Clients who seek assistance from Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti enter a professional boutique where the goal is understanding their needs, interests and requests, while providing direct, personal attention throughout all steps of the process, expanding on and fully developing the initial project.


Our strengths

  •  A professional background developed by the firm’s founder in over 30 years of professional experience at the service of and with Italian and international clients of high standing.
  •  Many years of collaboration with prestigious of-counsel lawyers who have contributed to consolidating the quality and professionalism of the services offered to clients.
  • International orientation of the firm’s professionals and of-counsel lawyers, which allows clients to be served in eight foreign languages.
  •  Affiliation with the internationally recognised IGAL network, which provides access to professional advice in the fields of business, taxation and the law, to provide clients with timely assistance, regardless of their location.

Our mission

  1. We act as a valued partner to small and medium enterprises interested in investing outside of Italy.
  2. We focus our analysis on understanding each client’s needs and demands in order to provide tailored services only.
  3. We make our knowledge available to everyone by conducting and publishing over 130 studies and sending speakers to various seminars in Italy and abroad.
  4. From their very first meeting, and for the entire duration of their relationship with the firm, clients are personally assisted by the firm’s owner, Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti.

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