Practice Area

National and international taxation, company accounting services, expert opinions and auditing


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from the University “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan, 1983.
Scientific High School Diploma at the “Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein” of Milan, 1978.

Professional Associations

Registration to “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti
e degli Esperti Contabili di Milano”, 1986, registration n°2054
Registration n° 41160 of the Registro dei Revisori Contabili, 1995
Registration n° 11419 of the Albo dei Consulenti (CTU)


Mob: +39 335 60 30 346

Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti

National and international taxation, company accounting services, expert opinions and auditing

Gianmauro is the founder of the Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti firm, a full-service professional boutique that puts the interests, needs and specific requests of its clients first. His personal background, built up in his career of 30 years of professional experience, has provided him with a well-rounded, high-level international professional skill set.

Clients seeking a trusted advisor on international tax issues affecting their businesses find in Gianmauro an experienced expert who tends to their needs from the very first meeting and throughout the course of their relationship. He is the author of approximately 50 publications and has been a speaker at various seminars on international tax issues.

Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti’s most important professional experiences include the eight years he spent (from September 1986 to September 1994) at the Tax Department of Arthur Young & Co., which later became Ernst & Young (one of the “Big Four”), following its merger with Ernst & Whinney-Murray. During those years, Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti learned the typical working methods of these global auditing and tax consulting firms, serving international clients and leading industrial groups operating throughout the world, Italy included. Fundamental to Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti’s professional growth and development was his work on a team with colleagues from the Ernst & Young offices in London and Amsterdam, with whom he organised and participated in tax and corporate restructuring processes for leading industrial groups operating in the segments of foods, home appliances and beverages.

Another very important step in Gianmauro Sherman Nigretti’s professional and cultural development was his working experience and internship in the banking sector at Hypo-Vereins Bank in Munich (now part of the UniCredit Group) and Banca d’America e d’Italia (now Deutsche Bank): all of the background information and knowledge obtained in this professional sphere allowed and still allows Sherman Nigretti to advise, assist and protect his clients by drawing on a broad range of concepts not limited to a single field of knowledge.

  • International Tax Planning Association, since 1998
  • Eurorevision European Group, since 1972
  • IGAL, “Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers”, since 1994
  • AEREC, “European Academy of Economic and Cultural Affairs”, since 2008

Over 150 company positions filled
  • Bergamo, 17/6/91: “International Tax Issues”, Businessowners Association of the Province of Bergamo.
  • Padua, 21/11/91: “Business Internationalisation: Operational, Tax and Currency Aspects of International Dealings” – Small and Medium Business Association of Padua (other speakers were Siegfrid Mayr, Giuseppe and Marco Piazza).
  • Vicenza, 12/6/92: “Getting Started Abroad: How to Plan and Control Investment” – ANDAF – Triveneto Section.
  • University of Trieste, 24-25/9/92: “Business Internationalisation Processes” – Italian Academy of Business Administration.
  • Novara, 18/3/93: “Opportunities and Methods for Investing Abroad: the Examples of France, Germany, Mexico and Brazil” – A.I.N. Novara Businessowners Association.
  • Milan, 12/5/93: “The New Tax System in the Clinton Era: Practical Considerations for Italian Companies” – American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
  • Monte Carlo, 16/12/2003: “The Italian Tax Reform 2004” at the International Tax and Accounting Seminar organised by the Moore Stephens network.
  • Milan, 16/03/2006: “Financial Statement Analysis for Strategic Management Purposes. Projects for Improvement and Better Performance” – Association of Chartered Accountants of Milan.
  • Milan, 27/10/2006: “New Opportunities for Consulting Services to be Offered to Companies,” Association of Chartered Accountants of Milan.
  • Milan, 04/12/2006: “Planning and Management Control at SMEs”, Association of Chartered Accountants of Milan.
  • Milan, 25/01/2007: “Investment Opportunities in Romania: Tax and Corporate Aspects”.

Publications included in the fortnightly review of small and medium enterprises.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises: Competing on International Markets, 1994/1
  • Investing in Germany, 1994/20
  • Spain, …. with “juicio”, 1996/10
  • South Africa: A World Less “Apart”, 1996/14
  • Indonesia: Crossroads of Southeast Asia, 1996/16
  • France: Opportunities for Investing Beyond the Alps, 1996/2
  • United Kingdom: Not Just England, 1996/20
  • South Korea: A Hotbed of SMEs, 1996/22
  • Thailand: Growth Continues, 1996/4
  • Greece: A “Classical” Partner, 1996/8
  • Portugal: A Bridge to the West, 1997/12
  • Tunisia: A Window on the Arab World, 1997/15
  • Uruguay: Many Reasons to Invest, 1997/20
  • Chile: A Springboard to South America, 1997/22
  • Ticino Canton: An Opportunity Next Door, 1997/24
  • Venezuela: Not Just Oil, 1997/8
  • Austria: A Road to the Markets of Tomorrow, 1998/11
  • Norway: A Land of Conquest, 1998/3
  • Lebanon: Calm after the Storm, 1998/6
  • Malaysia: An Ever Fiercer Tiger, 1998/8
  • Season Preview with New English Finance, 1999/12
  • SMEs on the Stock Exchange: A Challenge for Bold Capital, 1999/15-16
  • Israel: A Growing Economy in the Heart of the Middle East, 1999/1
  • Cyprus: The Isle of Venus Focuses on Foreign Investment, 1999/10
  • Cuba: Investments Beyond the Embargo, 1999/13
  • New Zealand: Australia and Asia in Reach, 1999719
  • India: Mysteries to be Discovered, 1999/20
  • Hungary: A Bridge between East and West, 1999/21
  • Basque Country: An Investment Oasis in the Heart of Spain, 1999/24
  • Finland, A Fiery Recovery in the Baltic Glaciers, 1999/5
  • Start-Ups in Israel’s Silicon Valley, 2016
  • Foreign Investment in Romania, 2016
  • Moldova: Economy, Agriculture and Investments, 2016
  • Prospects of the Agricultural Sector in Romania, 2016
  • Ten reasons to invest in Wales, 2016/15
  • Austria: the country of new prospects, 2016/6
  • Tangier free zone, 2016/7
  • How economic growth is going on in Mexico, 2016/8
  • Chile: renewable energy boom, 2016/9
  • English: excellent oral and written
  • German: good oral
  • Spanish: elementary spoken
  • Romanian: elementary spoken

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